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Curium Gaming TTT Update #1

[CG] serfma AdminTTT Admin posted Sat at 14:19

Making this post to inform you guys that there has been some tweaking, adding, and removing of things on the TTT server. We're getting quite populated during the day so we're looking for more Moderators! If you truly are interested please visit this link to see about submitting a moderator application but remember: You must be 17+ and you must have at least 12 hours on the TTT server (Unless you're an older [CG] member) to apply.

We have a few things added to the TTT server that I think you guys might like! First off: Spectator deathmatch! When you die during a round of TTT you are spawned as a ghost with a random loadout, which you can change by pressing F1 and clicking the Spectator Deathmatch tab, where your goal is to kill all the other ghosts. You can tell who else is a ghost by them being fully colored as normal.

Secondly, we have added back in a fixed Pointshop, TauntShop (Accessible by typing !taunts in chat), and a way to suggest ideas for the server (which you can do in-game by pressing F9 or typing !suggestions in chat) so that we know what you guys want. Other than that, we still have Achievements and Leaderboards!

We've also removed a few things such as the custom weapons base. Meaning, the weapons are fully vanilla and they are back to normal. I was sick and tired of fooling around with the custom weapon base so I decided to go back to the normal stuff that everyone knows and loves, including myself. 

Sounds like fun, right? Because it is! If you'd like to come join, the IP is and everyone's welcome.

Curium Gaming TTT officially online!

[CG] serfma AdminTTT Admin posted Aug 13, 14
Proud to announce that the TTT server is officially online and fully set up. We have a custom hud/ui, leaderboards, pointshop2, custom chat box, map voting, and more! We are currently also looking for moderators, but they must have at least 1 day of concurrent game time in-game before you will be able to apply for a moderator position. The server IP is and can also be found on the frontpage near the top of the menu.

If you have any questions, let me know!

TeamSpeak server capacity increased to 20!

[CG] serfma AdminTTT Admin posted Jul 30, 14
We have increased the TeamSpeak server slot capacity to 20 slots! We originally had 10 but found it would cap relatively easily (Which is awesome! More people, the better!) so it is now doubled. Feel free to come hang out and chill with us at any time. is the TeamSpeak IP. No password, no port.
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