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Regarding PointShop items + curium.

serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Sat at 23:36
I moved PointShop over from flatfile (SQLite) to a MySQL database so that it is more stable, less prone to any accidents, and easier for me to manage. Thus in the change, all players will lose their Curium and Items. The Curium loss is a good thing for now since we have the leveling system in for Curium on level ups, and I fixed the crate system. Legendary crate had the same drop percentage as rare & epic which was pretty lame.

I also reduced the price of the crates and the amount you get for selling an item back to the shop to prevent players from getting 5k Curium in an hour, which isn't a good thing. However, I will be returning some items when a player requests it. If you had a smaller amount of curium (in the hundreds) I will possibly give you it since it's not 5k. :p

Just wanted to let all players know about this change so they don't freak out!

TTT Leaderboards and server crashing fixed!

serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Sep 22, 14

Good news everyone! Leaderboards and the server crashing has been fixed!

Thanks to some of you, I found the root of the server crashing and it was ragdoll physics. Bodies would go flying everywhere and turn elastic until the server crashed. I've implemented a little fix and so far it seems to be working. The only con is that bodies can't be flung around fast and if you do, it freezes the body in air for 3 seconds until it resumes it's fall back to the ground. That's one tiny pro though: getting to fling a body into the sky to have it freeze and flop when it slaps the ground.

The leaderboards were not updating correctly for the weapons because of my own coding. For the nerds, DamageType() was suddenly returning different values (actually adding one additional value for no apparent reason) thus breaking the check for whether the player died by a gun or by a knife. This has been fixed along with weapon skins counting towards their respective gun!

If you find any more issues, let me know!

TTT Server Crashing

serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Sep 21, 14
I am aware that the TTT server randomly crashes for no reason. I've experienced it myself and it is something we all do not want, so in an effort to find the exact cause of the server crashes I have removed the following addons:

  • Bass Cannon
  • Destructible Doors
  • Gun Stats
  • Suggestions
  • TauntShop
They will be disabled unless the server continues crashing at the same rate. If it does, other addons will temporarily be removed to further the investigation of the cause. If neither of these work I will reduce the amount that props/corpses can be thrown and moved, temporarily.

Keep an eye out for more updates on this issue!
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