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TTT Server Crashing

serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted 21 hours ago
I am aware that the TTT server randomly crashes for no reason. I've experienced it myself and it is something we all do not want, so in an effort to find the exact cause of the server crashes I have removed the following addons:

  • Bass Cannon
  • Destructible Doors
  • Gun Stats
  • Suggestions
  • TauntShop
They will be disabled unless the server continues crashing at the same rate. If it does, other addons will temporarily be removed to further the investigation of the cause. If neither of these work I will reduce the amount that props/corpses can be thrown and moved, temporarily.

Keep an eye out for more updates on this issue!

Curium Gaming TTT Update #2

serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Sat at 20:14
Here's yet another update about the Curium Gaming TTT server! I wanted to let everybody know about the new and upcoming things to the server that you all know and love.

I've added a whole bunch of goodies such as a crate system, but I've lowered the Curium to 2 per 5 minutes. I've also added a bunch of player models, hats, and even WEAPON SKINS! The weapon skins are cheap (200 Curium cheap) and allow players to get a fresh, new, updated skin to the original weapons. They function the exact same except they look and sound different. They also make you feel like a BAMF when you use them. Plus, weapon skins are permanent. You're given the weapon once you spawn and you can only exchange them out in between rounds while you're alive. This is to prevent players dropping and re-equipping the weapon to get a free clip of ammo when they're either low or very needing it.

I've also added a few maps that you guys may or may not like. We'll try keeping around 30 maps and rotate them in and out. If people start disliking 1 map very greatly, I'll remove it and replace it with something else as to keep things pretty new and entertaining still. There's no full list right now because I'm lazy and you should just go see for yourself. ;)

The Bass Cannon has been BUFFED. The radius has been doubled in an effort to make it a viable Traitor weapon in more maps than just one. I understand some maps are very wide open and the wider radius will help a tremendous amount. I'll keep a close eye on how it performs so it doesn't get too OP.

I'm currently the only one fixing and adding things to the TTT server as I trust no one else currently with it. One little change can make the server completely rupture and we lose our playerbase, or can expand it. I want to be the only one responsible and the only one not having to worry about someone else adding something in that is ridiculous. (Pig cannon for example :p) So if you find anything broken, missing, etc, PLEASE report it to me in any fashion. Forums will be the best way.

Anyways thanks for reading. I'll keep you guys updated about the server so you know what's going on if you're unable to play or if you weren't on to see or hear what was updated.



serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Sep 4, 14

If no one has been reading any Minecraft/Bukkit news, then I'm here to inform you that a Curium Gaming Minecraft 1.8 server with Bukkit (or Spigot) probably won't be happening anytime soon. This was not decided by myself, rather an ex-Bukkit dev that decided to do a DMCA takedown on Bukkit. (See here:, DMCA:

This means a Minecraft 1.8 with Bukkit/Spigot won't see the light of day for quite a while. Which Bukkit already takes a few months to even update to the latest version. We may hopefully see Spigot update to 1.8 way before Bukkit, which we can only hope. 

The only good news I have is that our Minecraft VANILLA server will still stay online. The only thing is that there will be no towns, no ranks, no locking containers, etc unless we wanted to go back to 1.7.10. Which I won't be wanting as I'm sure a lot of the rest of you wouldn't want either. However, I will update further if I find anything out more!
serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin Yeah just gotta wait. BTW The gametracker says the server is offline but it really isn't offline, it's actually up.
[CG] Iceman1298 TTT Mod Grave times we're in
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