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Curium Gaming TTT officially online!

[CG] serfma AdminTTT Admin posted Aug 13, 14
Proud to announce that the TTT server is officially online and fully set up. We have a custom hud/ui, leaderboards, pointshop2, custom chat box, map voting, and more! We are currently also looking for moderators, but they must have at least 1 day of concurrent game time in-game before you will be able to apply for a moderator position. The server IP is and can also be found on the frontpage near the top of the menu.

If you have any questions, let me know!

TeamSpeak server capacity increased to 20!

[CG] serfma AdminTTT Admin posted Jul 30, 14
We have increased the TeamSpeak server slot capacity to 20 slots! We originally had 10 but found it would cap relatively easily (Which is awesome! More people, the better!) so it is now doubled. Feel free to come hang out and chill with us at any time. is the TeamSpeak IP. No password, no port.

Vulpixs new stream, check it out!

[CG] serfma AdminTTT Admin posted Jul 25, 14
Titties and kitties, but minus the kitties

Come check out Vulpixs stream, (Yes she's a woman, and has a vagina) She plays League of Legends a lot. She's brand new to streaming and is already at a steady 20 viewers. Hang out, chill, talk to others and have a great time!

Rumors has it that she'll twerk for a $5 donation, so empty your wallets!
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