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Vulpixs new stream, check it out!

[CG] serfma AdminTTT Admin posted Fri at 0:53
Titties and kitties, but minus the kitties

Come check out Vulpixs stream, (Yes she's a woman, and has a vagina) She plays League of Legends a lot. She's brand new to streaming and is already at a steady 20 viewers. Hang out, chill, talk to others and have a great time!

Rumors has it that she'll twerk for a $5 donation, so empty your wallets!
Writing a quick post informing everyone of the new World of Warcraft Curium Gaming guild called Curium Brotherhood! We're currently on the Wyrmrest Accord (High Pop RP) server and looking for anyone and everyone to come join us. We are not a strict RP guild, so don't worry if you don't like to RP. If you have any questions about the guild, feel free to comment on this post or start a thread on the forums.

We're also doing some changes to the forums. No longer will you need to post a member application to post anywhere on the forums. The entire forums is open to the public and anyone that registers on the website can start posting and starting threads in any section of the forums. However, member applications are still going to be used for people that would like to be a part of the community/clan.

A little update about the TTT server: It's up and down mostly because it's hosted on my personal computer so I mostly forget about bringing it up. If anyone's interested in leading the TTT server please contact me. Serious responses only, I will not be giving the responsibility to just anyone. I will try to start keeping the server up as much as I possibly can.

Curium Gaming RUST!

[CG] serfma AdminTTT Admin posted Jul 7, 14
We now have a RUST server up and running! If you're interested in playing, feel free to join and have some fun. Ppatches24 is the head of the server so what he says, goes. ;) It's going to be up 24/7 since it's a dedicated server. We also have a section on the forums dedicated just for the server, and on TeamSpeak!

The server isn't completely vanilla. It has air drops, active admins, shorter nights, and will be wiped every 3 months just to keep gameplay fresh, new, and interesting. Depending on how it goes, moderator slots may open up, just keep an eye out on the forums! 

The IP to the server is and you can check it's stats right above the news on the frontpage. 

Have fun!

Curium Gaming TTT

[CG] serfma AdminTTT Admin posted Jul 1, 14
Hey folks, just letting you all know that we have a TTT server up and running! The IP should be and if it doesn't work, let me know! Everything is set up on the server and ready to go except the map voting at the end of the round. It's kind of wonky, but I've notified the Dev and he's working on fixing it.

In the meantime, it's hosted on my local PC until I see an active playerbase. If we start getting players on daily, I'll move it onto a dedicated server just to save money and make it a 24/7 up-time server. 

Take note that we DO have PointShop but I have yet to sit down and put in playermodels, sorry! I'll be working on Playermodels, weapon skins, trails, and other things throughout the time of the server to keep things new and entertaining. 

Currently on the server we have Leaderboards to keep track of playtime, innocent/traitor/knife kills and a whole loads of other things for people to have a bit of a challenge or competitiveness in the server! We have custom weapons bases, meaning the guns handle and feel differently, but their damage/recoil/spread are exactly the same as vanilla weapons, they just have additional things like iron sights and fire modes (E + R) for added fun. ;)

Go check it out! It's a 24 slot server but if it gets a bit slow or lags, I'll move it down to 16, just all depends. I'll try to keep making posts to keep everyone updated, informed, and let everyone know that the community is still going strong! 

Sick and Tired

[CG] serfma AdminTTT Admin posted Jun 30, 14
...of changing the theme so much so I'm keeping it this way. Simple, so just deal with it. Forums will be kept and pretty much all the website will be is to show TS info, game server info, and the forums for people to talk on. 

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