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TTT Back Online, Updates soon to come!

[CG] Serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Tue at 18:23
Hey everyone! I decided to pay $5 out of my pocket to bring the server back up and this time around we're going to have some changes and some updates. I'm going to attempt to fix the pointshop to allow for item stacking. Now one issue with this is that the pointshop would have to be completely wiped. 

The entire items in the pointshop are probably priced a bit too high (or we need to bump up the amount of Curium players get) but in the end I'm wanting the result to have players getting to end-game a bit quicker. That, or, put more things in between the levels of 25 - 50 such as "perks" or something similar. It can't be too game changing but it's gotta offer something cosmetic and/or fun. 

Anyways the server is back up and I'll be silently working on the server in the background. I'm fully aware we need more mods and I'll be watching all mods for now on.

Curium Gaming TTT Down until 1 more VIP.

[CG] Serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Dec 14, 14
The server is currently down until we reach another donation of $5. You can donate via PayPal to through the website. I've also been made aware that the in-game automation system of VIP may not work. If you donate through the website, it is not automatic and must go through to another link (which is currently dead because the service is down until we pay for it).

Sorry for the inconvenience but Curium Gaming runs off donations and if you want to see Curium Gaming live, we gotta get donations!

Been a while, good news though!

[CG] Serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Dec 6, 14
The server of course is still up as you can see the server status above the news posts, but I've not posted a new article in a while mostly because I've gotten extremely bored of GMod and had no motivation to no longer code and add things to the server. I'm aware that staff members may not be on the server as much and for you reading it screaming "I'll be a mod!", it probably won't happen if you're not at least over the age of 17. I'd much rather have the server go down than have it ran by a bunch of 13 y/o staff members.

Anyways, we have a World of Warcraft WotLK 3.3.5a Private Server up for anyone that's interested in joining and having fun! The link to the website is and if you need any help at all in getting started with connecting to the private server, feel free to comment on this article or post on the forums and I'll be glad to help.

If I get any motivation to add anything to the TTT server I'll be sure to make a post about the changes I've added. Until then, nothing new will be added.
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