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Starting since last night, we are doing a 24/7 Minecraft event! I removed it at first thinking it was a waste of time and silly, but it's back for a few days to see what happens! So far, at the time of writing this post it's looking good.

If you're interested in playing, come check us out!


Curium Gaming TTT Update #3 + Other News!

[CG] Serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Oct 5, 14

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 3rd update post of the TTT server. So this update was a pretty large one. Here's a list of changes:

[+] Added Followers to the point shop!
[+] Added additional hats to the point shop!
[+] Added in some new accessories. Feather Boots (No fall damage boots), and the backpack which stocks you full of ammo for every wep at the start of the round.
[+] Allowed only 1 accessory equipped at any given time.
[+] Added a jukebox to the server. You can now play music while on the server, which is server-wide!
[+] Added Spectator Deathmatch again! It's all working again. :)
[+] Tweaked leveling system, and added in ranks to scoreboard. You now gain Curium for leveling up, and it's faster to level up!
[+] Linked Point Shop and leveling system between the TTT and Jailbreak server!
[+] Added new TTT weapons. Such as AK47, AWP, AUG, P90, FAMAS, Etc.
[+] Also added the new TTT weapons to the leaderboards.

[-] Removed Weapon Skins and a few Player Skins to reduce the size of custom content...for now!
[-] Removed Taunt Shop. Was causing waaay too many problems.

[FIX] Fixed server crashes related to ragdolls. Crashing due to other issues may be prevalent still, not sure.
[FIX] Fixed the HUD to be square instead of rounded off. Looks pretty sexy to me.
[FIX] Fixed the scoreboard columns to be wider for ranks and centered the Karma numbers.
[FIX] Fixed players still being marked as alive even though they've died. Gotta monitor it more just in case there's something else actually causing it.
[FIX] Fixed players able to win bets on themselves even though they died, by staying alive in Spectator Deathmatch.

In other news we have a Jailbreak server! Everything is working from my testing. The only thing I know that isn't working 100% is Last Requests. I can easily code that but it'll take me some time as I have to manage two servers instead of just one. If you'd like to play on the JB server, the IP is! We ARE looking for mods on that server, too, so get ready to post your applications!

If you have any suggestions for the server(s) or community as a whole, be sure to make a post on the forums!

Regarding PointShop items + curium.

[CG] Serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Sep 27, 14
I moved PointShop over from flatfile (SQLite) to a MySQL database so that it is more stable, less prone to any accidents, and easier for me to manage. Thus in the change, all players will lose their Curium and Items. The Curium loss is a good thing for now since we have the leveling system in for Curium on level ups, and I fixed the crate system. Legendary crate had the same drop percentage as rare & epic which was pretty lame.

I also reduced the price of the crates and the amount you get for selling an item back to the shop to prevent players from getting 5k Curium in an hour, which isn't a good thing. However, I will be returning some items when a player requests it. If you had a smaller amount of curium (in the hundreds) I will possibly give you it since it's not 5k. :p

Just wanted to let all players know about this change so they don't freak out!
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