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Curium Gaming TTT Patch Notes v0.1

[CG] Serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted 17 hours ago

So I've decided to call these updates patch notes rather than "updates" and increment the number by 1 each time. I want to document even minor changes for you guys so you can see what's new and what's removed.

So in today's update here's a recap of what I've added:

[+] Added XP Boosters and Enchants to the PointShop! XP Boosters allow you to purchase a lamp to gain a random amount of XP depending on what size it is. Enchants on the other hand will give you special powers such as the Vampiric enchant, which gives you 10% of your damage dealt by bullets, back as health but only if you're below 100 HP and it caps at 100. You will also have a red glow around you to others.
[+] Cleaned up the pointshop and sorted categories by name, with items sorted by price.
[+] Added level requirements to items. You may not equip items and they will be holstered if your level is below the items level.
[+] At Level 25, the XP rates are doubled to help make it easier to level up once you hit that level. It is then increased at levels 35, 45, then stops at 50. Effectively making level 50 the highest level you can reach.
[+] Players that are a Guest and reach level 15 will automatically be made a regular!
[+] Reduced the amount of XP per level to make it a bit quicker to level.
[+] Added PayDay 2 player skins.
[+] Overhead Chat which will display text over a player's head with what they say. At the time of this post, it is removed to get fixed. Once it is fixed it will be back in the live server.
[+] Added !vip, !donate, !forums/!forum, and !rules commands.
[+] Added a lot more maps for the expansion of our server slots from 16 to 24.
[CHANGE] Followers are now VIP-exclusive.
[CHANGE] Jump pack now makes you jump even higher!

This is all that I can think of off the top of my head, so if you see something different please let me know! :)

Curium Gaming Update #4

[CG] Serfma AdminOwnerTTT Admin posted Sat at 1:18

This week's update contains quite a few new things!

To start it off we have a reskinned pointshop to look sexier than ever! As you can see, I've added level requirements to items so you must be that level or you will be unable to equip it. Levels are gained twice as fast now and curium per level has been reduced. The pointshop is also sorted by price now! I also reskinned the mapvote so it matches the new color changes, along with the leaderboards. 

When you get a headshot (and kill them) their head will be decapitated and pop off. It'll play a "HEADSHOT" sound, but just for you. It works for every single skin so don't worry about wondering whether it just worked or not. If you find any errors with it please let me know.

Floating text above player's heads. Whenever you type something, other players will be able to see it above your head and you'll see text above other players heads. It should be working 100% fine so if you find anything wrong with it please report it on the forums or anywhere you can. :)

If you level up to 15 and you're a guest, you'll be promoted to the new "regular" rank! It has higher crate drop % than guest, but less than member. Other than that, this rank gets no additional perks.

There's a lot more that I've changed that I can't currently remember, so if you find anything I didn't list, feel free to comment and let everyone know! :) 

Starting since last night, we are doing a 24/7 Minecraft event! I removed it at first thinking it was a waste of time and silly, but it's back for a few days to see what happens! So far, at the time of writing this post it's looking good.

If you're interested in playing, come check us out!

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